Pregnancy & Post-partum

It is our view that postpartum and antenatal pelvic floor physiotherapy is a necessity, not a luxury, regardless of your mode of delivery. We hope that soon, every New Zealand woman will have access to a pelvic floor physiotherapist to guide them antenatally and to provide post-partum care and advice. This vision is part of a larger international movement with healthcare professionals and post-partum women. Watch this space!


What we can help with:

*Pelvic floor muscle training and perineal massage to prepare for birth

*Pelvic floor muscle training postpartum

*Guidance on exercising safely during pregnancy

*Guidance on returning to exercise safely, postpartum

*Guidance on returning to sex, postpartum

*Treatment for pelvic girdle pain, or pregnancy-related back pain, sacroiliac (SIJ) or pubic symphysis pain 

*Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) assessment and treatment


Please get in touch if you are pregnant or have already given birth. Generally, the best time to book in for your post-partum assessment is at the 6 week mark